Terms & Conditions

Robin (“The App”) provides a platform for children to manage their money. When parents add money to their accounts, they do so in a way of promise so they can dispose of these funds in the future. The App is a safe and easy way for children to buy products online from major retailers and turn these items into saving goals. They can also do chores at home or school to earn some extra money. These services are offered so the child develop a sense for the value of money and starts to build budgets and plan taking his/her goals into account.

“Users” of The App accept all conditions followed by this document. By the time the “User” creates an account, he/she recognizes to read this document. If the User does not accept in absolute manner each term described, he/she may avoid using The App. Only an adult (18 years or older) may have the legal rights to accept these terms and will be considered a Tutor.

Only a Tutor may add money (“Funds”) to his/her children’s account. When money is added to a child account, the Tutor recognizes that these Funds only represents the amount that the child may dispose from the Tutor’s credit or debit card. No charges will be made to the Tutor’s bank account, until the child uses his/her Funds to buy any product within The App. By doing this, the Tutor also accepts that Robin dispose an amount equal to the child’s Funds from the Tutor’s credit or debit card. Robin disposal of these Funds will be restricted to the child’s actions through The App.

When a purchase is made, Robin will charge the Tutor’s registered card for an amount equal to the product’s cost, plus shipping, which sum will be known as “The Purchase Amount”. In addition, Robin is partnered with a recognized payment processor, which will charge a 4% commision from The Purchase Amount plus 15¢ USD (or $3 MXN). The Purchase Amount and the commission will be done in a single charge.

By using The App, the Tutor gives right to Robin and it’s Development Team to make purchases in it’s name, using the Tutor’s address to ship the purchased product to the his/her home. Robin will not create a customer account for any of its partner retailers (like Amazon) with the Tutor’s or their child’s information.

The Tutor is aware that he/she may ask for a refund corresponding to any charge done 30 days before. It remains within Robin’s consideration to validate and effectuate the refund.

Robin does not hold any of the User’s funds. The User understands that Robin is not a financial institution and therefore is not incorporated nor authorized by financial regulators.

The present Terms will be subject of interpretation by Mexican laws and before the court of Mexico.

Terms and Conditions

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